בית הספר לבישול גלילי

Welcome to Erez Komarovsky’s unique world. A chef and baker, Erez is considered the godfather of Israeli baking and one of Israel’s most prominent culinary figures. Komarovsky is one part of "Erez and Hanan" high-end catering company, head of the ‘Galilean Cooking School’ in Matat, founder of the legendary "Lehem Erez" and the author of many cookbooks, baking and otherwise. Komarovsky partakes in special culinary projects and is a mentor and judge on "Game of Chefs", a cooking competition show currently broadcast on Channel 13.

Komarovsky moved his residence from Tel Aviv to Mitzpe Matat, in the Galilee, over a decade ago. His connection to the land and the opportunities created for him by nature ona daily basis were an invitation to a new phase of creation.
Komarovsky’s culinary fingerprint consists of plenty of organic vegetables freshly picked from the garden beds he cultivates with dedication, free range Galilean meat and poultry, and breads and focaccias baked in succession in his tabun clay oven. All of these distinguish Komarovsky’s Galilean culinary identity.

Imagine the road to Komarovsky’s house, passing through the herb garden in the organic orchard. One can already smell what lies ahead; the smell of freshly baked pastries and seasonal vegetables in the large tabun fill the air, as do bundles of freshly picked herbs from the organic garden. A light breakfast is already waiting on the terrace: a rich country bread (bread is a must at Erez’s), seasonal vegetables salads, butter beans or lentils m’sabaha and other delicacies that an hour ago were still hanging from the tree or growing in the orchard. As Erez pours the wine, you are already starting to feel at home. Whether you are coming as a group, to celebrate with your family, or on a team-building day with colleagues, it is evidently clear this is going to be one special day.


Do you want to experience wonderful flavors and learn some of Komarovsky’s best culinary secrets in a perfect Galilean setting?

You are invited to enjoy a culinary experience at Erez’s: a formative, exciting, delicious and fun experience that is suitable to food lovers and anyone who wishes to become a better cook, with relative ease.
"This is not the type of cooking workshop you are used to. You are, in fact, entering my organic orchard, surrounded by an edible forest. You enter my private home, walk around the intimate kitchen where I create all of my recipes and participate in my culinary laboratory.
This is not an ordinary cooking workshop because you do not play ‘pretend cooking’, but rather you sit and hear everything I have to say after working in professional kitchens for the last 30 years."


Zoom cooking masterclass

The Covid crisis did not skip over Chef Erez Komarovsky but rather, it presented him with the opportunity to hold Zoom cooking masterclasses for companies and organizations from his home kitchen in the Galilee. The masterclass is filmed using 4 professional cameras live- streaming in HD and high quality audio - for a unique high quality studio experience unlike any other workshop.
During the 90-minute masterclass, Chef Erez Komarovsky will take you on a tour of the spectacular orchard that surrounds his home in addition to a cooking demonstration of several dishes. If it weren’t for the lack of smell, you might just forget you are not actually standing next to Erez as he is cooking in his kitchen.
The recipes demonstrated in the workshop are simple and easy to follow and have been specially adapted even for those who are not ‘natural born cooks’. The recipes and list of ingredients will be sent to each participant in advance, so that they can stock up on what is required for the masterclass.