בית הספר לבישול גלילי

Our story

Upon his return from culinary school in Paris during the 1980s, Erez began his culinary career at his parents' kitchen home. From there he moved on to cook on the balcony of his Tel Aviv apartment and named his catering "The Futurist Cooking Studio", inspired by Marinetti’s futuristic cookbook; an Italian artist from the early 20th century, who’s work revolved around breaking culinary and artistic conventions.

"At the beginning of my career I used to cook rare ingredients that only professional chefs had access to, but today I work with everyday vegetables- I try to unravel a new flavor that I hadn’t discovered before, and I also try to not get in the way of their natural flavor. I have been in love with vegetables for many years and recently I have discovered a way to start cooking them while they are still in the ground, in the garden bed. Alongside my long-standing love of vegetables, I have a long-standing love of bread, of any kind and of any shape. I built a tabun clay oven in my backyard where I bake breads and focaccia alongside the finest and freshest meat and fish that can be found across the Land of Israel."

After many years living in Tel Aviv, Paris, San Francisco and heading ‘Lechem Erez’, in 2006 Komarovsky relocated to Mitzpe Matat in the Galilee. There, in the house he loves so much, and surrounded by an orchard planted with everything a chef can dream of, he divides most of his energy between the garden beds, the pots and pans, and to entertaining and teaching people who love food on how to enjoy nature, tranquility and good food.